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Growth Hacker Talk

A community where growth-minded marketers and founders connect to share knowledge.

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About us

Growth Hacker Talk is where growth minded marketers and founders thrive. Our format is accessible to anyone, from absolute beginners to weathered growth veterans.

Via an online community, events and mastermind sessions we provide a space for you to discuss all things entrepreneurial, growth marketing, analytics, habits, consumer psychology, digital tools, and pizza.

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What we do


A shortcut for all you lazy but eager marketers exploring what’s new in growth hacking. Playbooks, tools, and keynote recordings from our live events by true growth experts.


Enter the scene. Discuss tactics and share learnings in our inclusive online community of over 5000 growth hackers or meet up and connect with other growth enthusiasts via our AFK events.


Join a community of top-notch founders and growth hackers willing to invest in their growth. Grow to become the best version of you. Exclusive workshops, VIP events, one-on-one sessions and more.


Dive into our treasure trove of playbooks and tools. Binge watch our keynote recordings and other content to find out  what’s new in growth hacking. 

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Growth Hacker Talk hosts events at all the premium locations in Amsterdam. We can’t wait to meet you at one of our hybrid editions!

Also, join the biggest (5000+) online community of founders and growth hackers in the Netherlands on Slack, Meetup and Facebook to expand your network.


Nurture your growth mindset and become the best growth hacker out there. Join our exclusive Grow program. This is our community of top-notch founders and growth hackers willing to invest in their personal and professional growth.  Our goal at Grow? To transform you into the new Sean Ellis. Exclusive Workshops, VIP events, one-on-one mentoring sessions and more. 

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A big thanks to our partners. Without them all these wonderful events wouldn’t be possible.

“I can’t say enough good things about GHT. Connecting with some of the brightest thinkers of Amsterdam was one of the highlights of my time in Europe.”

Dani Hart, former Head of Growth at GrowthHackers

“I really loved that there were so many people from all areas of growth.”


Gabor Kiss, Head of Insights & Intelligence at WeTransfer

“Great event, looks like these events get bigger every time I visit.”

Nurkan Kirkan, Head of Growth & Analytics at Ticketswap

“Fantastic event. Premium venues and free pizza.”

Hoang Pham, head of growth at Mollie

“I spoke about content marketing at one of the GHT meetups and have never seen a more engaged and diverse audience.”

Adrie Smith, Head of Content at Recruitee

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